Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mojo Moxy: Cinderella

Surprise! Lace is huge again this season! It's everywhere, and these shoes from Mojo Moxy are FAB-U-LOUS! We pulled out the champagne in the background to make our outfit inspirations, The black and cream are gorgeous and so classy, and the lace adds sexy to the mix. We also have the ever so popular concealed platform which is fantastic because it adds height, but keeps it comfortable.

Mojo Moxy: Cinderella Norm

MM:Cinderella FB

MM: Cinderella TB

MM: Cinderella Side

Mojo Moxy: Cinderella

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are some great Halloween costume ideas for this year. Why not purchase some shoes to wear with your costume that you can also wear later? Just scroll down for a few suggestions!

These red boots from Mojo Moxy are the perfect pirate boot! They are also in following with the military trend that has taken over this fall. Wear them again with skinny jeans or a skirt with tights. Fabulous! ARRGH! Mateys!


Toy Story 3 was Disney's biggest film this year, and you better believe you're going to be seeing a lot of Toy Story costumes this year! Take yours to the next level with these gorgeous boots from VANELi! You can even make this theme a family affair by adding Woody & Buzz among many other iconic characters. I don't even need to tell you how versatile this boot will be after Halloween!

Flapper Girl

Think Art Deco-Clara Bow & Gloria Swanson! So glam! I thought this black satin Betsey Johnson pump would be a great addition to a flapper costume. This one would be really easy to find accessories for, too. Art deco and 1920s influence is everywhere!


Avatar was one of the most popular movies of the year and was nominated for several Oscars. This costume requires quite a bit of face/body paint, but we've got your feet covered! These electric blue studded pumps from Mojo Moxy would be perfect for an Avatar costume. Wear them later with neutrals to add some color to your outfit, and think of all the Spring possibilities!


Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop! He is so iconic, so pulling this look off would not be difficult at all! You just need a black permed wig, fedora, aviators and sequined gloves! I paired this costume inspiration with black buckled boots from VANELi.


These turquoise velvet pumps from Poetic Licence make me think Peacock! The color and texture looks amazing with peacock feathers! I love this kit from Sephora that has all the makeup you will need with instructions for mastering the look.

Alice Costume

Disney's Alice in Wonderland 3D was another huge hit this year. The movie was so vivid and colorful. I have already seen Madhatter costumes everywhere! Be Alice this year! Pair your costume with these precious flats from Penny Loves Kenny.

Jane Lynch

With the season premier of Glee's second season, the show is more popular than ever. Jane Lynch is the show's "Cheerios" coach and the nemesis of Glee club. All you need in order to impersonate Jane is a matching track suit, a whistle or stopwatch and a pair of these Lacoste sneakers! (I bet Britney Spears costumes will be making a comeback due to Glee's Britney episode which received the highest rating of all Glee episodes!)

Snooki Costume

MTV's Jersey Shore has become one of the most talked about shows in the history of reality TV, and main character, Snooki, is said to be Halloween's most popular costume this year. Snooki's look is not hard to master. Just grab some bump-its, self tanner, your shortest dress and these fabulous over the knee boots from Mojo Moxy! Wear these later with tights, skinny jeans or a shorter dress/skirt.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is also an easy look to pull together. She has so many iconic looks from Poker Face to Telephone to Meat Dress. Next to Snooki, Lady Gaga is said to be this Halloween's most popular impersonation. We picked this black lace, concealed platform pump from Mojo Moxy to go with your Gaga get-up.

B&B WOrks

These are not costumes, but I couldn't help but share some fun Halloween finds I have discovered through my personal shopping and research for the blog. I went to Bath & Body Works a couple weeks ago, and I fell in love with these spooky little Anti-Bacterials! They smell amazing, too! Vampire blood is my favorite! It is plum scented. I also bought a full sized Halloween themed anti-bacterial, and as I was washing my hands in my kitchen last night, I realized that the packaging glows in the dark! Each little PocketBac glows, too! I bought a couple handfuls and plan to give them to friends as little Halloween gifts!

Sephora Halloween

One of my favorite things about Sephora is their gift and combination sets. These Halloween themed packages are just too much fun!

Betsey Halooween

This month has kind of been all about Betsey, and this post is no exception! Look at these AMAZING Halloween themed bracelets! I am in LOVE! They are so creative and so Betsey. These are definitely on my Halloween list this year.

I hope you have some great ideas for shoes that will really make your Halloween costume this year, but will also provide you with fashionable feet after the holiday! Happy Halloween and have a Spook-tacular week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Rated: Ruby

This new little bootie from Not Rated is to die for! The studs and the straps give it an edgy feel. I love it with chunky gold and black jewelry, and I loved the Halloween themed jewelry and accessories from Alexander McQueen featured in the inspiration set!

Ruby: FB

Ruby Side

Not Rated: Ruby

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall 2010: Haute Couture

This blog is a great way to get word out about our fabulous little boutique and our amazing selection of incredible shoes. It's also a great way to educate our customers about fashion, beauty and how to be the best possible version of yourself at all times.

Most have heard the term "haute couture", many wonder what it means, and most have no idea! Haute Couture is French for "high sewing". It is an ancient term that was used to describe the work of the greatest French and Italian tailors and couturiers.

Today, haute couture is usually seen only on the runway and will be a collection of garments that are one of a kind. Most of them are hand drafted, hand draped, hand beaded and hand sewn. These masterpieces are reserved for the elite of the world-royalty, billionaires, heiresses and celebrities may get to borrow something for an evening on the red carpet. Haute couture shows are usually presented before ready to wear for a season and are meant to provide inspiration and hint on the upcoming trends. Very few designers continue to produce haute couture due to budget restraints, but the great design houses like Chanel and Christian Dior are always seasonal staples.

So now that you know a little more about haute couture, here are some of Fall 2010's Haute Couture looks! Because of the bizarre nature of couture shows, I thought this would be a great little prequel to Halloween!

Stéphane Rolland

These evening gowns are truly works of art! I really hope to see one of them on a red carpet somewhere soon. I am IN LOVE with the bedazzled tights! These are fabulous! I really hope they make it to Ready to Wear! It's also looking like the 'leg-o-mutton' sleeve is making a comeback. Plenty more of that to come from Chanel.


I love these little short boots so much! They are so unique and custom made to match each outfit. I also love how they mimic the classic Chanel flat with the patent leather toe. We are seeing more leg-o-mutton sleeves, lots of fur trim, lace and plenty of jewels. Check out the bracelets, too. They are incredible! I'm in love! Way to go Karl Lagerfeld!

Christian Dior

Dior's show was full of color and had a strong floral theme. The hair is ridiculous! How do they even do that?

Elie Saab

Elie Saab is incredible and so elegant! We will definitely be seeing some of these again on the red carpet. Just gorgeous!


Armani Prive is responsible for a lot of Lady Gaga custom outfits and for Jennifer Lopez's Oscar dress, but this couture collection is much more subdued and classic. I love the little half gloves, the oversized buttons and the unique collars. So chic!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Once again, we have crazy hair plastered into all sorts of shapes! I love the 1920s vibe he has going on with the turbans and updated flapper styles. I also love the red tights; they really make a bold statement. The most interesting detail, though, is the pockets on the last dress. If you look closely, you will see that they close like an old-fashioned coin purse. So unique! This is what couture is all about.

Maison Martin Margiela

This designer really pulls in the shock factor that a lot of couture is know for. We thought it was interestly relavent with the thigh high boots and the cowboy boot body suit. It may be rodeo meets Evil Knievel, but it's couture, so it's okay. Right?

On Aura Tout Vu

On Aura Tout Vu translates to "there will be all considering" and that is definitely the case! These designs are bizarre and whimsical. Things I love about this collection: 1. The clusters of jewels at the end of the sleeve on the purple suit. 2. The fish shaped purse/clutch/glove in the second picture-I'm not sure what it is, but it's so interesting. 3. The dress that imitates fish scales with the clutch that looks like it's wearing a mask and the crazy sunglasses in the third picture. 4. This one pretty much speaks for itself! 5. The collar necklace with the sapphire lace that fades into fur. Wow! 6. I'm so happy to see bedazzled tights again, and I think this is a dress that every little girl would only dream of wearing. So fun!


Valentino definitely had a bow and mesh/chiffon theme going on. I love the black gloves with the huge bow and the simplicity of black and white.

If this post got you curious about couture, follow this link to see more of these collections and the others not featured here. I hope you have learned something new about Haute Couture and enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Betsey Johnson: Wing It

As promised, our Shoe of the Week is one of our new Betsey Johnson's! We present to you the "Wing It" boot! I picked this shoe specifically because it is hot off the runway! This boot was worn with almost every outfit in Betsey's Fall 2010 show at Fashion Week in New York!
Wing it
Fall 2010: Betsey's Boots
Here are more photos from the runway! Betsey even drew some of her iconic illustrations on a few pairs. Unfortunately, the black ones were the only pair that made it to the mainstream consumer. But, we aren't disappointed! Look how CUTE these are!!! I love the scalloped edge and the fabric covered buttons. They have that fussy Victorian feel to them! I would love to see that trend take off into the apparel world. It wouldn't be the first time Betsey started a trend.
Wing It FB Sole
Wing It sides
Wing It Outfit